See what just some of our clients have to say about us!

“I felt very overwhelmed, frustrated, and wondered if coming to Spain was even worth the headache. A friend recommended that I reach out to RVF International and I am so thankful I did. RVF guided me through the aspects of my move to Spain that were causing a lot of anxiety.  They quickly responded to my emails, answered any questions I had via a Skype call, and sent additional step by step resources to help me transition to living in Spain for a year. Even though I speak fluent Spanish and have spent a lot of time traveling abroad, working with RVF gave me the peace of mind and confidence along with the resources I needed to make this transition as smooth as possible.”

-Kathryn, Michigan

“My experience with RVF has been an absolute dream. They have been so amazing to work with…they have made this entire process so maneagable and so relaxed. This has been the most relaxed moving process I have ever had in a foreign country.”

-Caroline, New York

“My experience with RVF has been amazing! It has been so easy, so relaxed, so straightforward…they’re like a friend that lives in Spain, and you’re glad that they’re there.”

-Scott, New York

“They help with all the bureaucratic nonsense that I would not be able to do myself…they make sure that everything, every form, every application, everything, is filled out correctly, they make the appointments for you…I would not be in Spain having this incredible opportunity if it weren’t for RVF International.”

-Raymond, Connecticut