Smart Study Abroad Test Prep Program  

Let me first tell you about what type of Test Preparation and why. Well, we don’t just focus on helping people pass any test. We help students wanting to get somewhere through a test. Whether it is a university, a specific place in the world, a program, some tests help you do that. That is the case of American entrance exams, such as the SAT/ACT, GMAT/ GRE, TOEFL/IELTS. I understand there is always a dream behind doing these tests. Otherwise, why would you even think of doing them, right? In fact, if you could achieve those goals without taking any of these exams, you would probably take this option. There is always an experience you want to have on your resume. There is a dream you want achieve. If you’re an athlete, maybe your dream is playing your favorite sport at a well-known university and start an amazing career as an athlete. Or maybe you would love to become a businessperson after you graduate college, and you want to get an opportunity to become the best one. So in order to get into the program of your dreams, you have to pass a graduate exam, such as the GMAT. Whatever your situation is, our Smart Study Abroad Test Prep Program got you covered! 

What the program offers

The program consists of a series of online sessions that cover the main strategies that will walk you through each section of the exam of your choosing. The program teaches you how to approach each section of the exam correctly and successfully, so that you can maximize your test score.

The program includes

Online sessions with full practice immersion


Specialized Test prep Coaching

Support from your test prep specialist via e-mail anytime

All the strategies that you need to be successful on the exam day

Here are the online session packages you can choose from depending on your needs:


99 euros


295 euros

-2x online sessions.

-Materials for the sessions

-Test Prep Coaching.

-1 full practice test

-6x online sessions

-Materials for the sessions + personal study guide.

-Test Prep Coaching

-2 full practice tests.

-Support via e-mail


395 euros


585 euros

-9x online sessions.

-Materials for the sessions

-Personal study plan.

-Test Prep Coaching including strategy practice

-Unlimited materials for personal study.

-4 full practice tests

-Unlimited support via e-mail.

-15x online sessions.

-All the features that premium offers


-8 full practice tests.

-Accountability via e-mail.

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