Study Smart aims at helping language learners and test takers to achieve effectiveness and success in their learning and studying processes through our smart study programs. We believe that there is so much into Studying Smart! We tap into principles, such as clear purpose, goal setting and strategy that can be applied to any type of studying or learning approach. For example, these smart principles will take you from not knowing how to even start studying for a specific exam to being completely confident about how to approach it and maximize your scores to get into the university of your dreams. Or they will teach you how to go from feeling completely paralyzed when learning how to speak a language, to overcoming that anxiety and frustration effectively. We believe in studying with purpose, because it provides clarity about where you’re going and how to get there. At Study Smart, we help you to get clear about your purpose, how you can get there and what’s more, we WALK WITH YOU every step of the way. Study Smart is part of Alejandra Rodríguez Intl., founded by Alejandra Rodríguez. Meet me here! 


We offer two main programs: Smart Study Abroad Test Prep and Smart Language Learning Programs

  • Study Abroad Test Prep (S.A.Tp): we help students who are ready to prepare for the main American entrance exams through our online sessions. The exams we help you prepare for are: SAT / ACT, GMAT / GRE, TOEFL / IELTS. As you may know, these exams give you access to American universities for undergraduate and graduate programs. Your chances of getting into the university of your dreams, or that program that you so desire are higher… you got it, the higher your test scores are! To find out more details about our program and our online sessions, click here
  • Smart Language Learning Program: Spanish & English Language Coaching: we help people who truly desire to learn English or Spanish, and want to: 1. Actually become fluent. 2. Be confident when speaking 3. Get there faster than they would if they did it for themselves. Do you feel like you know a lot, but when the moment comes to speak, you freeze? This program is for you. Do you feel like every time you try to start learning any of these two languages, you start from scratch? This program is also for you. See, language learning is also a journey. However, many times what we lack is clarity. We don’t know where we’re going, and how to get there. Luckily, we got you! Our Language Coaching program aims at helping you get clear on your motivation to learn English or Spanish, as well as set clear SMART goals and a pathway to achieve them. To find out more details about our program, click here. 

I met Alejandra when I first arrived in Madrid a few years ago. When she mentioned her online Spanish [program], I had no doubt in my mind that I would sign up! What makes Alejandra’s lessons and [coaching] style so different is that she really starts at the foundation of learning a foreign language: your mindset. Not only does she thoroughly explain concepts, but she also teaches the importance on training and changing your mindset during the process. Her attention to detail and love for the language is evident throughout our lessons. She’s constantly encouraging my efforts and shows a great deal patience with me. Her sessions are clear, straightforward and relevant. She is an excellent teacher and I’d highly recommend her to anyone! She has helped me tremendously in my confidence and knowledge of the [Spanish] language! I’m grateful to have her on my Spanish learning journey!

Elisa Vázquez, Pennsylvania (U.S.A)

I met Alejandra through a mutual friend, and when I saw she was [imparting] Spanish sessions, I jumped at the opportunity. Alejandra is an excellent teacher. She is consistently encouraging, cheering me on through my mistakes and gently making corrections. She has walked me through the basics while keeping my goal of becoming proficient in medical Spanish in mind. She is always willing to listen to what you believe you need and will tailor the sessions accordingly. Her assignments are helpful and relevant, as she understands the different avenues of learning another language. I could not recommend her enough. She’s amazing!

Alana Degree, Floria (U.S.A).