I. RVF International – Premium Spain Service:

  • Language Assistant Registration
  • Language Assistant Application Process
  • Visa Process:
    • Scheduling visa appointment
    • Criminal background check(s)
    • Officially certified translations
    • Medical certificate
  • T.I.E. Process (Legal Residency):
    • Schedule T.I.E. Appointment
    • Assistance with EX. 17 form,
    • Assistance with Tasa Modelo 790 Código 012 form,
  • Bureaucratic Procedures After Arriving:
    • Assistance becoming Empadronado
    • Assistance requesting Certificate de Delitos de Naturaleza Sexual
  • Housing Information
  • Spanish Bank Account
  • Phone
  • WiFi/Internet
  • RVF International Availability

II. RVF International – Spanish Language Immersion Course

Four-Day intensive language immersion course in Madrid, Spain taught by native Spanish speaker and professor.

Uniquely designed to prepare you for your transition to life in Spain.

The intensive Spanish language course will cover:

  • Immersion workshops
  • Development of communicative skills
  • Important vocabulary and phrases designed to make your transition smoother:
    • Housing
    • Opening a bank account
    • First day of class
    • Buying groceries
    • Navigating transportation
    • Checking into a hotel/traveling
  • Small groups
  • And much, much more!

Four hours of intensive class and workshops per day. Lunch will be provided each day.

The RVF International Language Immersion Course will begin September 21, 2020 and run till September 24, 2020.

III. RVF International – Cultural Immersion Week

Come explore beautiful Madrid, Spain!

The Cultural Immersion Week will consist of exploring historical and mesmerizing sites all across Madrid, such as Parque de El Retiro, el Palacio de Cristal, the Royal Palace, Gran Via, and much, much more!

The Cultural Immersion Week is designed to help you experience all that Madrid has to offer. We will visit local bars and restaurants, taste genuine Spanish tapas and wines, visit beautiful sites, and connect with locals as they share about their lives in Spain.

The Cultural Immersion Week will begin September 22, 2020 and run till September 25, 2020.

Each afternoon, we will explore a new region of Madrid, visit remarkable sites, and end each afternoon at a local Spanish tapas bar where we will further connect with and experience Spain plate by plate!

The Cultural immersion Week includes one free meal the last night of the tour at a historic Madrid tapas bar.


Premium Spain Service€1,100 total (€400 registration fee + €700)
Premium + Language Immersion€1,350 total (€400 registration fee + €950)
Premium + Cultural Immersion€1,350 total (€400 registration fee + €950)
Premium + Language Immersion + Cultural Immersion€1,600 total (€400 registration fee + €1,200)

To register for the RVF International Language Assistant in Spain services, there is a €400 upfront registration fee, with a 50% refund if not placed, or if, in the very unlikely event, you are not issued a visa.

The remaining balance is paid in the format of a fixed monthly subscription, on the last business day of each month, starting in May 2020 and ending in April 2021.

MonthPremium/Premium + Language or Cultural/ Premium + Language + Cultural
May 2020€59/€79/€100
June 2020€59/€79/€100
July 2020€59/€79/€100
August 2020€59/€79/€100
September 2020€59/€79/€100
October 2020€59/€79/€100
November 2020€59/€79/€100
December 2020€59/€79/€100
January 2021€59/€79/€100
February 2021€59/€79/€100
March 2021€59/€79/€100
April 2021€59/€79/€100

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