What is a language coach?

In essence, a language coach is someone who guides you through your foreign language learning experience, step-by-step, to help you unlock your true potential.

As with many things in life, our fears and insecurities can be what hold us back from truly growing and seeing the success that we are so diligently working towards.

A language coach, is someone who will help you work through those fears and insecurities to tap into the parts of your brain, memory and confidence needed so that you reach, hitherto, unreachable heights.

Our RVF Language Coach will use their vast wealth of experience and success to do just that with you.

Differences between Language Coaching and Language Teaching:

Language CoachingLanguage Teaching
·Perceptive, more empathetic
·Much less active
·Typically requires no books or materials of any kind·Limited to materials and books, and access to courses, webinars, etc.
·Student takes ownership for their learning
·Requires drive and eagerness from student
·Relegated to workbooks and following chapters in books
·Exciting exchanges to develop weak areas into strengths
·Motivating discussions on fears and insecurities
·Specific focus on the role of anxiety in language learning and how to overcome it·Typically more formal and much less focused on the student’s persoanl well-being
·Maximize the possibilities and potential for the student·Finish the coursework and move on to the next textbook
·Real relationship and connection between the student and Language Coach that helps foster learning·Distant learning and much less personal